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Hello! Welcome to your healing journey.  I am honored to be your guide.


I have always been called to healing.  As a young child, I was asked to sit with sick or dying relatives.  They said my touch was comforting.  I didn't understand it then, but now I see that I was sharing healing energy without even knowing it!


I became very interested in metaphysics and Reiki, but I was also interested in the science of nutrition.  In 2000 I graduated with a BS in Food and Nutrition. Being a Registered Licensed Dietitian (RDN, LD) has given me a very rewarding career. I am able to help people heal their relationship with food and nourish themselves in a way that feels good to them. Helping people reach their health goals is a joy!


In 2017 I began studying Reiki. It has been an amazing journey into true, deep healing, for myself and others. It is a pleasure and honor to assist someone with healing their mind, body, and spirit. Everyone should experience sacred energy. 

Through Reiki, I discovered that I am also Psychic and a Medium.  I have been training as an Evidential Medium in the style of Mavis Patilla and Suzanne Giesemann since 2021. I have been lucky enough to also attended classes virtually at the Arthur Findlay College.  To witness the healing that comes when someone realizes that death is not the end, and their loved ones are still with them, is humbling. 

I am so excited to have multiple ways to bring healing to others.  How can I best help you?


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Louise Cruz RDN, LD
Reiki Master Teacher
Evidential Medium
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