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Be the Change, Be the Love

6/26/23 9pm

I was lying in bed. I closed my eyes and prayed, “I am an open vessel for your communication.”

I felt the energy shift, so I got up and grabbed my pen and notepad. I saw her silhouette with what looked like a crown of stars over her head. I was instantly surrounded by her love. I saw dozens of pink roses fall from what looked like a church ceiling, from a cream colored dome.

“I have been so closed off – I am ashamed” I whispered.

“Do not be sad or worried – it is fine,” she responded. Roses began to fall around her. “Isn’t this beautiful? This is the reward. You are worried about your friend Jerry. Do not fret dear child, you know he is fine. He showed you the flowers. Always flowers,” she laughed.

“You are here to help people so they can in turn help each other. Do not get caught up in how, just do. It will unfold as it should. Change needs to happen now if there is to be any hope for humanity. Spread love. Spread love to all. Leave your love with others and they will then spread it.

“So many say, ‘How can I effect change? I am but one person.’ One person changes the heart of one person and on and on it will continue. Like watching a strand of lights come on, one light at a time.” She showed me a dark landscape being illuminated as lights begin to come on. “It is so as the light dispels the darkness. The time is time is now dear one. Find a way for your voice to be heard, to speak to many. Ask them to do the same. Do what you ask? Be a beacon of light, of love, to cast away hate, judgement, anger, etc.

"See God in every person, every living creature. If you look through that lens, how can you feel anything but love? Start with yourself. Notice when you are being less than loving. Why? Do you feel you deserve something better, something more? You have all you need. Love with the heart of the servant, not the served; of the giver, not the receiver, and do so with a grateful heart. Live in gratitude and teach others to do the same. Gratitude equals love.

“Do you see how simple it is? Yet in human terms it seems an insurmountable task. Love each other. That is it. Lay down your life, or be willing to, for another, without worrying about what it will cost you. Selfishness, greed, and pride have destroyed many a man, a civilization, and more – a world.” She looks sad as she looks down.

“Pray young one. Pray for others, that their hearts may open to love. Pray for yourself, that you are able to share it with others. Pray for everyone, everything, every person and beast. Be the change, be the love, it is all around you. Yet no one sees it anymore.”

She feels frustrated. She takes a breath. She then places a pink rose at my feet. I can feel her touch on my feet. “The rose, it will come.” Her energy fades away.

I am eternally grateful for her messages.

My rose came on 6/28

I had a new follower on my page and her picture was a pink rose. I showed my husband. I knew this was my rose, it was even pink! When I clicked on the picture, the woman’s page opened, but the picture changed, and the rose was gone. I went back to my notifications and the picture was still the rose. Yet, when I clicked on it, again the image changed. I looked at her background picture and it had a rose on it. Ah ha! I scrolled to her next picture, and it was a group of people. The person in the front was holding was holding a rose! Even my husband laughed. He agreed, there was no denying this sign.

I went back to the notifications and took a picture of the rose in case it disappeared for good.


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