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The day before this message, on Jan 19th, I was invited to a podcast to talk about my experiences with Mother Mary. The podcast did not go at all as I expected, and it felt like the host tried to make me look like a fool. I hoped it didn’t air because I didn’t want my sacred experiences to be brushed off and laughed at. I also found myself wondering if this was all real. Is it something I am making up? Why would Mary come to me….a nobody? I left that experience feeling disillusioned and disappointed.

The next day when I meditated, she came to me.

“I am with you. I am always with you. You can’t miss that which is always there, the blog is coming nicely. And the page, good. Continue to share my messages. Do not mind those that chastise you. They are few, yes? Their path is not yours. It is not your worry who or how many listen. Yours it to pass the word, my word, forward. You have found others, yes? There is strength in numbers. I told you there were more – preparing the way. The pieces will all fall into place but do your part. Worry less and do more. “

She reached down and touched my face lovingly. “The troubles of being human. Move forward my love, there is so much yet to do. Your time moves fast.”

“Write it all down. Encourage others to do the same. The written word is powerful and will not be forgotten. For change to happen, people must know. Write.”

Her chest was filled with roses that fell to her feet as she gestured to them. “For you. I hear your doubts; after all this time. I will give you proof. I always do. There is so much love to be had – do not forget that you are worthy. Life has not been easy for you.” She looked down. “Yet here you are. Chosen to do my bidding.” She looked up at me. “Do you understand? You must know the worst of pain to help the most. We watch you overcome and pull through. Your guides will help you. Trust the love Joan (my guardian angel) and the others bring – for theirs is pure. Divine love cannot be challenged nor doubted. Do you understand? Divine love flows through us all. It’s our connection. You understand that concept well.” I saw Mavis Patilla* smiling.

“My love never leaves you; never leaves any of my children.” As she spoke, she looked around as if she was addressing a crowd. “I want you all to gather – to pray in hope and gratitude. Know that it is not over. Challenging times are ahead, but the triumph of the soul is coming.” Her gaze returned to me. “I feel your confusion. Clarity will come as will your rose.”

At that moment, my dog began to bark. “Be on your way sweet one, my child. Send and share my love with all. I’ll be back – always.”

This may have been the longest message I had received, and there was so much to unpack in it. But I had to hurry and get ready for work and a Physical Therapy appointment. As I sat in the waiting room at PT, I reflected on the visit that morning. I always question if they are real, and especially today after the podcast. I opened my phone to scroll through Facebook while I waited. As the app opened, I almost jumped out of my seat. The first post I saw had a picture of a rose. How could I ever doubt?

* Mavis Patilla was an Evidential Medium and Spiritualist. I am studying her philosophy of mediumship which stresses the fact that we are all connected. She uses the analogy of a string of lights, and we are all the lights connected through God.

Doesn’t it make perfect sense! We are all connected, all one with God in each of us. Jesus said, “Do onto others as you would have others do onto you.” This says it exactly! If you judge someone, in turn you will be judged. If you are mean to someone, someone will be mean to you. It’s the same as karma. If you love someone, in turn you will be loved. That is how we change the world. Share love. She repeats this message over and over. And She is right – it is so simple!!

Dear God, who dwells in each of us, let us remember that through You

we are all connected. And in this connection, let us find and share mercy,

hope, love, and peace.

This is the prayer I was given for the Rosary months ago. It says the same thing.

As we are connected to each other we are also connected to the spirit world. That is why She will never leave us; we are connected to her. In that dimension love is endless. So here we see that we are never alone and always surrounded in love, even when we cannot feel it. In her words, "Divine love cannot be challenged nor doubted. Do you understand? Divine love flows through us all. It’s our connection." Isn’t that comforting?

Read her words again. What do they mean to you? Write it down. Share with others. Be grateful. Be surrounded in love.

Here is the link to the podcast. What you will hear is not at all what I remember. I think it may have had some Divine editing.


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