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First the Angels Came

I have always believed in angels. Maybe it’s a by-product of growing up Catholic. Maybe I remember them from the soul realm. Either way, I have always known I had at least a guardian angel. Although angels are not assigned a gender, I sensed this angel as a female energy, standing behind me. One day, I read that if you ask an angel their name, they will oblige, so I made the request that my guardian angel reveal her name to me. I immediately heard the name Joan. I admit, I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping for a regal name, maybe something I could barely pronounce. I looked up the name and read that it means God is gracious or God’s gracious gift. I also read that though it is more popular as a female name, it could also be a male name. Suddenly Joan seemed like the perfect name for my guardian angel. As we have built our relationship over the years, I can now see her. She is a great white light that stands behind me, guiding and protecting me. She has beautiful strong wings that she will wrap around me when I need support or encouragement. She has been a loving and guiding force in my life, and I truly consider her my best friend.

Early in my Reiki journey, I would sense energies other than Joan around me during self-practice. I had learned about Reiki Guides, so I knew these entities were there to assist in my healing and expansion of my skills. I became aware of an entity that would regularly appear at my feet and my intuition told me it was another angel. This energy felt masculine. Joan had proved to me an angel will reveal its name when asked, so I decided to use this method again. Instantly I heard Gabriel. “Yeah right!” I thought. I was very familiar with the angel Gabriel, and I could not believe an angel of his stature would be at my feet during Reiki. I was not worthy of a visit from such an angel. I wrote it off as my imagination working overtime.

He Made His Name Known

A few days later I was walking by my bookshelf where my Reiki books and tarot cards are stored. I noticed something in the back: a box of cards that had fallen over. As I reached to pick it up, I was stunned. The name on the box said Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards. I had no recollection of owning this deck. I was sure it was just a coincidence and didn’t mean anything. Though part of me wondered if this truly could be a sign that Gabriel was my angel’s name. I told Joan I would need more than that to convince me that Angel Gabriel was with me.

A couple of weeks passed and I had all but forgotten about that strange coincidence. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and I was busy setting up my table at a holistic festival in Texas, where I would be offering Reiki for the next two days. I always love these festivals. The energy is so high and the people are open to all the possibilities of the spirit realm. It takes me days to ground after an event like this and I love the continuous feeling of the energy flowing through me. This day felt magical before it even began. After my area was set, I began to walk through the festival to see what other offerings would be available that day. Suddenly I heard a man calling out to me.

“Good morning. Can I offer you a reading?” I turned to see a man with a kind face intently gazing up at me. The festival had yet to start and I knew I wouldn’t have a chance to sit again, so I agreed. As I sat in front of him, I was instantly drawn into his blue eyes. They looked like clear blue crystals and ethereal in some way. He held my hand and said he could feel my energy as I walked by and was inspired to call out to me. Through the reading, he told me I would be given gifts that would allow me to help many people. He told me that I was able to manifest exactly what I wanted and I would know happiness. He ended by telling me I had angels around me. It was quite a beautiful reading that left me feeling happy and energetic. I thanked him and gave him my money. Then I realized I didn’t even know his name.

“I’m sorry, but I never got your name.” He laughed and pointed my attention to a 6-foot banner that was standing up behind him - GABRIEL.

The was the final confirmation I needed to prove that Angel Gabriel was indeed with me. If he could manifest a 6-foot sign with his name on it, he could certainly do Reiki with me.

I wanted to know more about him. I already knew that in Christian tradition he appeared to Mary and Zechariah to announce the births of Jesus and John the Baptist. After some research, I discovered he is also revered in Judaism and Islam. Typically, he is referred to as the Messenger or Strength of God, as he brings good messages. He is associated with the Power Symbol in Reiki, which has been the symbol I’ve used the most since I began to practice. In addition, he is the angel who assists with communication and learning your soul’s purpose. It made perfect sense. Suddenly the message from the psychic at the festival held even more meaning for me. I am honored at his presence, and graciously accept his assistance.

Soon, I became aware of another energy by my right shoulder. I knew this energy. It was feminine, gentle, loving, yet strong. I asked her to show herself to me and although I suspected it, I was still surprised to see Mother Mary standing beside me. I began to cry. She lovingly wrapped her arm around me and said, “Why do you feel so unworthy? I am always with you. You are so loved.” This was the first time Mother Mary spoke to me.

An Invited Guest

A couple of years ago, my family and I moved to new state. The location is exactly where I had imagined I would live one day, with beautiful green hills and water all around us. After a few months in our new home. I became aware of the presence of some trickster energies. In the evenings, a corner of my bedroom became noticeably void of light, and dark shadows would jump out at me. It was a bit unsettling to say the least. When it became more than a simple nuisance, I reached out to one of my mentors for advice. She said that as our light becomes brighter, it is not uncommon for these energies to appear to try and steer us away from our path. She suggested I call in Archangel Michael to remove them. My first thought was my usual, “I am not worthy of his presence.” Still, she assured me that the angels are here to assist but will only intervene when they are asked.

That evening I wrapped my house in Reiki energy and began to meditate. I asked that Archangel Michael assist me in banishing any dark energies from my space. Instantly I felt the energy change. Then I saw him. He was glowing white and holding a sword. I watched as he placed angels in the corners of my house and set up what looked like a grid made of white light through my home. Then he was gone. Instantly, the energy of the house felt lighter. The next evening, there was light in the once dark corner, and I slept through the night with no disturbances from the shadow figures. Soon enough however, the shadows started to return and darkness crept back into the corner. Once again, I called upon Michael. He appeared, but he was more playful this time. He dramatically spun his sword around his head wielding light through my room as he moved. He then pointed his sword to the dark corner as if to seal it. Finally, he placed his sword in his belt and stood with his hands on his hips, and in a teasing manner said, “That should take care of it!” He was gone. I thought I must have imagined it all because it was rather dramatic and comical. Surely an Archangel would be all business and above silliness. Yet, the room felt better.

I reached back out to my mentor to tell her that Michael came when I asked and indeed cleared any dark energies from my space. I did not tell her that his demeanor seemed comical the second time I saw him, because I was a bit embarrassed and was still uncertain if that visit really happened. Her response was “I just love him! He gets the job done, but he has such a wonderful silly sense of humor.” I knew then it had not been my imagination. As conformation, I have had no further issues with the dark shadows in my room, and the corner that once was dark is now illuminated with the light that seeps into my room at night. I am now comfortable to call on Michael when I am in situations that make me nervous or uncomfortable. He always shows up to guard my space, though will often do it in a teasing manner. He makes me feel safe and loved, and always leaves a smile on my face.

One More Surprise

One evening I was doing a Reiki session with a client who had recently received a difficult diagnosis. This client always had amazing sessions where we both felt massive amounts of energy. There was no doubt healing was taking place. This evening was no different and the energy could be felt all around the room. I remember closing my eyes while sending Reiki to their heart chakra. Suddenly, I saw a glowing geometric shape on my client’s chest. It startled me so much I almost jumped back. The shape was a star sitting in a circle with smaller circles at the points. It was so bright that it almost looked like burning embers. After the session I sat at my computer and begin researching geometric shapes. Pretty quickly, I discovered that what I had seen was known as Metatron’s cube. Metatron, yet another Archangel. With more research I learned that Metatron is known as the Angel of Life and his cube is a three-dimensional figure that contains all the geometric shapes in creation. What I had seen was the side from a one-dimensional view. This cube controls the flow of energy and works to keep it in proper balance. How appropriate that he would come during a Reiki session for someone who was so ill. I strongly believe it was Metatron’s assistance with the flow of energy that evening that resulted in the amazing healing this client soon received. Truly nothing short of a miracle.

At this point I was seeing how dramatically different my life was from that frightened, broken youth of my past. My prayer for happiness had come true. I was now in a beautiful relationship and both my children were flourishing as part of a healthy family. I had a location that I loved where I could offer Reiki to clients, and I was building a community of like-minded people. I was helping others heal, and in turn, healing myself.

I often wondered why angels would come to me. What made me special, or worthy? I realized that my childhood caused me to have heightened senses. A survival technique that allowed me to anticipate eminent danger. A gift as a result of trauma. That, combined with my Reiki training allowed me to detect shifts in energy, and different energy signatures. So it’s not that I’m special, I am aware. We all have angels working on our behalf, just waiting for the invitations. I am just lucky enough to feel their energy. And when my energy is truly open, I can see them.

The Message

Often when I am meditating, I will see images or get information from my guides. One morning in early March 2022, I decided to start my day with a quick meditation. I had been taking mediumship classes for about 3 months and was learning to strengthen my connection with Spirit. Meditation had become a training ground, and the love and peace I experienced was nothing less than divine. I settled into a comfortable position and relaxed my breathing. I focused on expanding my heart chakra and feeling gratitude. I became aware of Joan behind me, her hands on my shoulders. In front of me I saw Mother Mary. Then I saw angels around her. Directly behind her was Gabriel. To her right was Metatron, and to her left was Michael. I was stunned and in awe of the beauty in front of me. I bowed my head in their presence. Then Joan spoke. “Build this relationship; you will be her voice.” The vision disappeared. I was frightened and at peace simultaneously. What had just happened? Was that real? I would soon find out.


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