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An Answered Prayer

On this day, I was struggling with being part of a world filled with turmoil and hate. The news coming out of Russia and Ukraine is hard to avoid. Such disregard for life based in greed and power. Then, I read an article about a preacher in Texas who had been preaching against the LGBTQ+ community. He was spouting hate and dangerous rhetoric laced with fear and giving his permission to commit hate crimes. It was beyond frightening as he was using the name of God and the bible to justify his hate. I had also recently become aware of some acquaintances who had left, and some who were angry at the catholic church, because the Pope has been working to move the church towards becoming an all-inclusive entity. They believe that certain people should not be allowed to be part of the church because of who they love (LGBTQ+), and what they believe (mediums, psychics, mystics). And they believe this is the word of God as written in the bible. Their rules would exclude so many beautiful groups of people from a religion that should be about love. Shouldn’t religion, like people. try to be better; to spread love and include all? I struggle with this because, in my knowledge of Jesus, he never excluded anyone, ever. He accepted the outcasts of society into his inner circle. When he said, “love thy neighbor as thyself”, or “love one another as I have loved you,” he didn’t add stipulations to that. There was no “unless…”, or “only if…” added to those statements. In my heart I always go back to love is love. Just be kind and love one another.

My head was spinning with all the ways hate has crept into our normal existence. How do we navigate this and change things?

I began meditating on these 3 questions: How do I live in a peaceful state amongst such hate? How do I not respond with anger? How as a society can we move past this and show respect and love for all?

Then I felt Her presence. I grabbed my pen and journal from my night table and began to write her words.

“Man will destroy itself, heed my warning.

Do not know your interpretations of the written word – pray quietly with an open mind. Say my rosary, not to worship me, but to allow me into your heart to show the way.”

These suddenly came into my mind:

Romans 23:1-6

Paul 12-12

Peter 6:1-4

She continued. “Love can never be wrong. Do not claim a sinner where no sin has been committed; you then become the sinner. Look at everything with LOVE, everyone.

“Do not claim false prophet and put words in God’s mouth. Your soul will be heavy with this burden. God is love only. He would never ask for vengeance. That is but the way of man.

“Pray the rosary. Sit in peace. Let me in your heart. Heed my warning and hear my voice. The time to return to love is now.

“Be brave. Many will not want to hear or believe. You may be cast as crazy. Fear not, I am always with you. There are soldiers being gathered into the Spirit realm and those being armed with the truth in the physical world, such as yourself. You are not alone; you are surrounded by love. Proof will come. Do not be afraid, for I am always with you. There will be proof.”

She was gone.

Suddenly Jesus stepped forward. I know his energy well, as I have met him a few times before in meditation. He comes to me as a humble man, full of kindness, compassion, and, above all, love. He is a teacher, a friend, offering support, wisdom, and again, love. He makes you want to pull up a chair, pour a cup of tea, and talk for hours. It’s always like visiting with an old, wise friend.

The last time he appeared, he told me of the Collective. He said we are all connected to each other and part of the same whole – the Collective of God. He said it is falling apart, like a crumbling pyramid. He said that we must come together to heal this whole; rejoin as one. And in order to do this, we have to start by accepting each other as we are and discard the hate and judgment. Doing this will rejoin us to the Collective, rebuilding the pyramid. He said that if we cannot do this, we will inevitably destroy ourselves and the Collective will heal in the Spirit realm, rather than here.

This day, his message continued that topic, while reaffirming his Mother’s message.

“Remember the Collective will rejoin, one way or another. The soul cannot be destroyed.

“Russia, China, and the US must come back to my Mother. There will be proof – visions of her.”

Now he was gone too. My head was spinning with these messages. I read them over and over trying to make sense of what I had just been told.