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Love is Everything

6/27/2022, 6am

As I woke, I felt her presence. I sat up in bed and grabbed my notebook and pen. I closed my eyes.

“Child, I tell you again, do not be Afraid. I am always with you and you are surrounded by love. Stay in Love. Anger, fear, sorrow are human emotions. It is okay to feel these, yes, but to create change you must stay in love. You must teach others to stay in love. The vibration of this existence is low – salvation will only come from Love. Yet, you cannot force your will.

“Again I say, do not fear. I am with you! Hear me when I say that you must be pure of heart, in other words, in love, from a place of love – compassion. Coming from fear leads to anger. Love is the only way to change this.

“I like that you changed the prayer. You did it from a place of love yes? The rosaries are from a place of love, yes? It does not go unnoticed. Gifting it is correct. You will know who it will go too. Ask them to come back to me. “

I thought, “wow, that is a big step!”

I felt her laugh, “you need a starting point. Give it to someone who you know believes.

“Please do not be afraid to visit me. Think of me as an old friend, your beloved mother. You are so very loved. You already do good, you have always, we just need to dial that up some. Notice I said we? Do not despair small one.

“Please hear me and do not forget. Stay in Love. Wear it like a blanket I have lovingly made for you. When you are out of Love, put it over you so you will always feel it. You will always feel me.”

“Start small if you must. The time to start is now. Spread my message. More will come. As will your Rose dear one.”

As she left, I cried. I sat on my bed feeling like a warm blanket was wrapped around me. Never have I felt such love. I never wanted it to end.

I received an email that morning announcing that my deodorant company was releasing a new scent……Rose.


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