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Messages From Mother Mary

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

I am creating this blog to be a voice for the Virgin Mary. She has always been a part of my life, but after studying mediumship, I have been able to connect with Her in a very different way. Now She comes to me with messages, and always gives me proof that it was Her and not my imagination. These messages are meant for all. Mother Mary has made it very clear that She is not a Catholic owned entity. She is for all. She is the Mother of all; the great Goddess.

We live in dire situations, and She is insistent that Her messages be heard. She has always been there for me, so I have promised now to do Her will.

This blog is also about healing. It is personal for me and my family, and it may touch a nerve for you. But She has said, through me healing will come to all. It is for all of us. And it comes from a place of love. My love for Her, Her love for all of mankind.

So, think what you will as join me on this journey. Many times I have thought I was crazy, so I will not be insulted if you think the same. But if you listen to Her messages, you will know the truth. And the proof She gives is undeniable. She is here; here for all. She loves us and She wants to save us. She wants our souls to reach such heights that we will live in a state of love instead of fear.

So, I start this blog with the stories of how it began. How She came into my life and proved Her existence. I will continue to publish how our relationship developed and Her messages as She gives them to me. She has asked that I publish once a week. I will do my best, but being human I do fall short, so please bear with me.


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