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My Message is of Love and Hope


As I was about to fall asleep, I felt her come close. I sat up in bed and grabbed my notebook and pen. I told her I missed her. She said, “Do not miss me, I am always with you.”

If felt so peaceful. That is how I know it is her. She comes with a peaceful feeling that brings me to the verge of tears. Yet still I wonder if I am just imagining it all. What if my brain is making it all up.

“Do not be afraid that my words are from you. You are hearing me – this is not your imagination. Or maybe it is. Your imagination gives you the freedom to believe it is me who speaks to you. For what is the difference between imagination and faith? Nothing. Maybe faith is imagination with some spirituality sprinkled in. Or maybe love? Yes, we always come back to love. Why is that so important? Well because that is all there is. Love created everything and everyone. Love is what keeps it alive.” She showed me flowers blooming.

“Love is what drives you dear one, yes? On most days, no one is perfect.” She smiled and I feel such love and security coming from her. “The rose is but a symbol of love. Created in love – given in love – a sign of love. A sign of hope. Yes, with love comes hope. Spread the love. It doesn’t have to be my words. Let it come through you. Learn to love everyone and teach that. Be that. Your example – spread it – light many lights. Change the world dear one! It can be done! Anything can be fixed.

“Let the Rose be a symbol. I see your ideas flowing. Let it be as simple as giving a rose – give love – spread that. Love, 4 simple letters that tie together the heart and the mind, the body and the soul. Spread love – use the rose.

“I will not leave you, any of you. A mother would not abandon her children. But sometimes she must stand back so they can find their way. I will be back, I promise you that. I will stand on top of a mountain and declare that I am here, and you are all my children. You are all worthy of my love. From the one who seems hopeless to others or feels hopeless to himself, to the proud and boastful and those who lie to secure themselves, and every soul in between them. I love you all as a mother loves her children. My message is of love and hope. Now go and spread my words. It will be enough; you are enough.”

It seems silly to continue to ask for a rose. As she hears my thoughts she says, “I will send a rose just for you. You will see it. I am always near you, my little rose."

4/11/23 – As I was getting ready for work I realized I had not received my rose. I decided that if I didn’t get it today, the message was not real. This is always the conversation I have with myself.

As I drove to work, I decided to listen to a podcast. The podcast was about intuition vs imagination and how they are the same. They talked about how imagination allows us to see beyond our eyes and know things we would otherwise have no way of knowing. It's a tool that we are given . What a synchronicity! Mary had talked about imagination in her message. Perhaps that is my proof, I thought. But, it’s not a rose.

That evening as I was getting ready for bed, I was listening to Suzanne Giesemann’s Monthly Connection webcast. She began to talk about a book written by Mary Rose. There it is! How perfect! MARY ROSE! I looked at the screen just as Suzanne changed her slide and there was a picture of a rose. I couldn’t believe it! How amazing!

Note: I discovered later that the author’s name is Mary Reed, yet I heard Mary Rose. If I had not heard that I may not have turned to see the rose on the screen. Imagination? Synchronicity? I think miracle.


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