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The Encouragement of Mother Mary

August 10th

Life had gotten busy, as it often does. I had not felt Mary close for a few weeks; I had not tried to feel her. I felt regretful as I had not allowed myself to be open enough to receive her. Having her close and communicating with me is such a miracle, why would I be so foolish as to block it? I admit that it frightens me at times, and often I wonder if it is my imagination. But she gives me proof, so it must be real. As I sat in my regret and shame, I felt her.

“I am always with you, even when you cannot be with me.” I was so happy to see her I wanted to hug her. She took my face in her hands, “Daughter – I love you always. Does a mother expect her child to be perfect?” She laughed as she said, “No. Why do you think I expect that of you? I know you have not forsaken me. You are human. Growth is slow and a time of adjustment is expected.” I felt her energy dissipate as she moved away.

Please send me a rose, I thought.

The next day I made a quick trip to the grocery store. As my cashier checked me out, I fumbled for my credit card to pay. I looked up to run my card through the machine and I noticed the cashier’s name tag. It said Rose.

August 29th

I was in bed for the evening and was saying my rosary when I felt her come to me. I wondered why I never see her face clearly. As the thought ran through my head, she lowered her hood. Her face changed from young to worn to old, from causation to middle eastern to Indian to black. Suddenly I knew the answer. She can appear exactly as people need her to. She is for all of us. We are all her children.

I asked her to make me a clear channel. I told her I want to help others and be of service to Spirit. Everything seemed to be happening so fast. My Reiki business was off the ground, and I was getting more interested in mediumship. It was all so wonderful, but sometimes I wasn’t sure where to put my energy. She sat with me and held my hands. Her voice was soft as she encouraged me. “You say your guides pushed you off a cliff. But not to fall, to fly”. We sat quietly. I was engulfed in her energy and love. “No more words today. You will get a rose.”

I wondered if she could continue manifesting roses. Was it too much? Should I ask for some other proof instead?

The next morning, I was driving to work and decided to listen to a podcast I had started months earlier but had never finished. The guest was a man who was doing readings. “Did you find the book by the author named Rose I told you about. The one with an inscription from your grandmother?”

A woman responded, “I found the book,

but the author’s name wasn’t Rose. it was on a shelf behind a rose. “

“Behind a rose!" he responded. "So that’s how rose fit in. I can’t believe it was on the shelf behind a rose!

“Yes. A plastic rose in a small vase.”

I promise I am not exaggerating. They must have said the word rose 10 times. I had to laugh. Apparently, Mary has a sense of humor and she proved she can manifest as many roses as I need her to.


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