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The Gift


“Once you believe you can, you will. When you believe the pain will go away it will.

Don’t try to self soothe to avoid feelings. Feel them. Allow them to move through you like waves in the ocean. Sometimes they will come in the form of a storm. Other times they will be subtle and calm. Yet feel them you must. For this is one of the treasures of being human - this amazing range of emotions!

Think of how much greater happiness feels when you have experienced the depths of despair; peace after turmoil; love after loss and loneliness. You must have the rain to experience the sun.”

I was suddenly brought out of my meditation when Alexa started to randomly play a song….

It only hurts this much right now Was what I was thinking the whole time Breathe in, breathe through Breathe deep, breathe out

- Labyrinth by Taylor Swift

This was so random. I never listen to music on Alexa, and I have never listened to Taylor Swift other than what is played on the radio.

Three days later (11/14) we went to a choir show that my daughter was in. As we were getting ready to leave, I turned to notice a single rose standing up in the aisle behind my seat. There had been people sitting behind us earlier, but at that moment there was no one to be seen.

Thank you Mary, for the gift of the rose.


On this day I had to take my dog to the vet. She had been vomiting and not eating for 4 days. The vet was going to keep her the entire day to monitor her. After I dropped her off, I said a prayer to Mary to watch over her and let her be ok. This is what I heard.

“Trust that all will be as it should. You sit before me wanting for the good of others. This will reflect back to you for you are blessed.”

This passage is so simple but with such a greater meaning. In this time of chaos in our world, what can we do? We can pray for the good of others and we will be blessed in return.

In my reiki classes I teach my students to be the light that will dispel the darkness. It’s like being a candle at a candlelight vigil. As each candle is lit, the area becomes brighter and brighter.

The stars break up the darkness of the night sky. As the sun rises, the darkness disappears. We are the ones who need to dispel the darkness. When you are angry at someone or want to lash out at an injustice that has been done to you, instead shine your light. Pray and send love. Think of this light spreading as love overtakes hate; as generosity overtakes selfishness, as guns are exchanged for a hug.

My dog was back to normal after a few days on medicine and special food.

On this day, shine a little brighter and be blessed.


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