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The Sadness of our Mother


This morning in July, as I was saying the Rosary, I felt Her come close. This time She came with overwhelming sadness that I had not felt from her before.

She showed me a vision of the Pope. Then She spoke. “Teachers come in, but people are so angry they cannot hear. Hearts are so hard. People cannot consider another way. “

I then began to see visions of people fighting in the streets, angry politicians yelling at each other, then war. Again, She spoke. “See this from My perspective, be an observer, so you do not fall prey. Love changes this. But how to soften hearts? Do not worry who listens (to her messages). We only have to reach one. The few can change the hearts of many. Do not fear dear one, do not give up. Heed my words and there is no failure. Though there is also no guarantee of success – you all have free will. Pray my child, continue to pray. Buy more and give them away (rosaries). Do not save them as they sit unused. Finish your program – learn – soften your heart more. With the title of Reverend, people may pay more attention. You are my little Rose, always asking for roses.” I felt her touch my face. “Sit with me and pray. There is so much to be done.”

I wondered how I would make anyone believe that I hear messages from Her. “Will there be proof that everyone will see?” I asked Her.

“In good time. Pray”. Her sadness was so overwhelming.

I cried with Her as I finished the Rosary. Her tears were of a mother’s broken heart. She showed me visions of Her as a woman begging God to soften people’s heart. She showed me Herod and Pontius Pilate. She was praying so hard for it to stop; for the hate to stop as She watched the persecution of Her son. And now She weeps for us all. She is the Mother of us all.

“Continue our mission my child,” She said. Then She continued.

“Gender, sexuality, tattoos, piercings, hair color, etc., it’s all part of the physical condition. Love is about moving away from the physical and focusing on the spiritual; transitioning away from the physical bonds. Our souls need to evolve. Move beyond what you see with your eyes and brain. Close your eyes – do not think – be quiet. See and know through your heart. There is the change you seek. It starts with you.”

What She is saying is to stop judging people by what you see on the outside. We need to look further, look at people as God does. God does not see your gender, your hair color, your tattoos, your nationality, or even your religion. It is about your heart, your soul. That is how we should also see each other. Once we realize we are all connected through God, all part of God, then we will see the inherit good in us all. That is how we will move into love. And that is the only way things will change.

Pray the rosary as She asks. Not to worship Her, but to ask for Her help. To allow Her to help.

I got out of bed and went to the kitchen to make coffee. I could still feel Her, She had not left yet. So I sat and began to write again.

“It will not be easy because it is divinely ordained. Instead, it will be difficult. It will seem impossible at times, but we must continue.”

She was instructing me to tell Her messages, to be Her voice. She tells me it will not be easy and many will not believe. But I must do it anyway. She told me to include my story in the blog so She can teach me to speak the truth and not be afraid. I cannot speak for Her if I cannot speak for myself. That is why my story is included in the first blog.

Her sadness on this day frightened me. The visions She showed me frightened me. The urgency in how She spoke frightened me. Yet I never felt Her love waiver. She is urging us to change. To see the good in each other and come together. To share hope and love instead of fear of hate. Because if we don’t change, we will destroy ourselves. She is warning us. She is trying to help us. We just need to listen and let Her in.

That day I was driving in the car with my husband and daughter. In the clouds I saw the shape of a rose. I couldn't get my phone to turn on and by the time my daughter gave me hers, the shape was gone. But I saw it, and I knew it was from her.


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