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As I prayed my Rosary, I realized how much I missed being in her presence. Her visits brought me a sense of love and safety that I cannot explain in human words. The thought of not experiencing that again left me feeling sad and empty.

When I finished my prayers, I picked up my phone and opened an app called The Awakened Way created by Suzanne Giesemann. There is a section called "Ask for Guidance Now". In that section, you hit a button titled "Inspire" and a random message will appear. I hit the button to see what guidance would come up. I was astonished (yet again) when the picture that came up contained a rose.

The message talked about moving your awareness away from yourself and noticing the synchronicities and "God-winks" that are happening all around you. Like seeing the rose in the newspaper - we need to see the magic in the mundane. Could there be a better reminder that we are never alone? What a magical and wondrous world we live in.


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