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My first Reiki session and it was wonderful.  Louise is so knowledgeable and informative.  Can't wait for my next session!

- Marcy Frum

A very relaxing and unique experience!  Louise takes a lot of care in making her clients feel comfortable.

 - Rita Frum

Louise was a great help to our family, we met her at the Addison Health Expo. She replied to my inquiry right away after wanting to schedule reiki healing for my mother in law. Very compassionate and caring. I highly recommend Louise if you are in need of healing no matter what is troubling you. Would love to do a session myself when I am in the area. 

 - Dan Sheffer

Louise is not only extremely knowledgeable in this field, but has a true gift on guiding others within it as well.  I truly enjoyed her classes and felt very comfortable learning Reiki from her. 

- Lauren Marden

I'll admit, I was skeptical!  Louise completely changed my mind! So much so that I am now a Level 2 Practitioner.  I only practice on myself, but it has been a tremendous help with severe anxiety and panic attacks!  I'm so grateful for Louise and her incredible compassion and her amazing gift! 

 - Denise Medeiros

I wasn’t sure what to expect my first time with Reiki. Louise helped me feel so comfortable and balanced during the session! I was able to feel the energy radiating from me and around me. Her compassionate presence made it a relaxing healing experience for sure! I highly recommend it! 

 - Marc Charette

I asked Louise to help me with hip pain. My left hip was so painful that I had not slept well for over a month. Louise worked on me for about 30 minutes. She said she was drawn to treat my right hip. I have no explanation but it helped. I slept with no pain that evening! I will be doing more treatments with Louise!

 - Mike Frum

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