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The Japanese word Reiki translates to mean "universal life force energy."  As a technique, the practitioner channels the Reiki energy to

the client, promoting stress reduction, relaxation, and healing.  It is a gentle yet powerful energy that balances the whole self on every level.  Being in balance promotes healing. 

Everything is made of energy, including us.  Trauma, daily stress, illness, and injury can cause the flow of energy to go stagnant or get blocked.  The life force energy that is Reiki can restore the smooth flow of energy, helping to heal all issues of the body, mind, and spirit. It is incredibly relaxing and the best stress reliever I have found. 

Because Reiki is energy, it knows no time or space.  This is why distant Reiki works beautifully. The energetic link is just as strong as an in-person session, and the healing is just as powerful.

Reiki is holistic.  It treats the whole person, to manage illness and

relieve symptoms.  Reiki supports the body's natural healing ability, helping to release toxins and negative emotions, promoting an

amazing sense of wellbeing.  Over time many physical symptoms

will fade away.

Reiki can cause no harm.  Reiki is a living energy and it knows

exactly what the recipient needs.  It works perfectly every time.

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Nutrition Counseling

Though nutrition is a science, it is also holistic. The word nourish means to supply what is necessary for life, health, and growth.  Food provides nourishment for the body, mind, and soul.  Food gives us feelings of happiness, comfort, and nostalgia. Yet food can also cause feelings of frustration and guilt, and even lead to illness. 

A person's relationship with food is always complex and often our eating habits are just that...habits.  Habits can be changed. 

Nutrition counseling isn't about providing a meal plan or diet.  It is about finding what makes you feel good, what truly nourishes you, what food and food combinations best promote your wellness.  It is about breaking those old habits and healing your relationship with food to improve your health.

Good nutrition is a lifestyle, not a fad. The goal is not to loose weight, or to fit into your favorite outfit again, though those could be side effects! The goal is to be in charge of your diet so you never feel out of control again.  

Vision Boards

Manifest your goals in a clear and magical way. A vision board uses the power of attraction to manifest your desires .  Using images that inspire, you are able to set clear and creative intentions.  Place it somewhere you will see it often. 

What we focus on we create.  What we visualize, we manifest. 

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