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Mother Mary's First Message

The first time I felt her come to me, I was laying in bed. I can’t explain how I knew it was her; I just did. It felt as if she was waking me from a dream and telling me she had something urgent to tell me. Something mankind needed to know before we destroyed ourselves. It frightened me, as her message felt apocalyptic. I pushed it away and ignored it.

A few days later, on the morning of March 8, 2022, I was meditating. I was trying to find solace in all the turmoil in the world. The war in Ukraine had started a couple of weeks previous and politics were getting crazier by the day. Suddenly, Mary appeared before me. I opened my eyes, picked up my journal and pen that I keep beside my bed, closed my eyes again, and began writing. These are Her words:

“Do not be afraid. I am always with you.

“You cannot make a man repent, for his will is his own; but pray for him and his heart. As you would say, ‘send him light and love.’ There is always hope.

"Reject fear. Fear makes man do stupid and thoughtless things. Love everything – each other, the plants, and animals. You have this beautiful planet.” As she said this, she opened her hand and motioned to beautiful nature around her. “Look at it. Care for it.” She put her head down. I could feel her sadness. She was gone.

I admit, I was stunned and a bit frightened. But being in her presence filled me with such a sense of awe and peace. With her came a feeling of gentle power and great love. It was overwhelming. I needed to be sure it was real. Learning to be an evidential medium, I know the importance of proof, so I asked for it. I asked her to send me proof that this interaction was really her and not my imagination. I asked for a rose.

The next morning, I had decided to do a guided meditation that I had received in my email. Now, I never do guided meditations that I randomly receive. The skeptical side of me worries that some unsavory character will have slipped in subliminal messages that will make me do their evil bidding. I know, you don’t have to say it, I sound a bit paranoid. Well, be that as it may, that’s my rule. No unsolicited guided meditations from strangers. But… this day was different. You see, on March 7, the day before Mary’s appearance, I had met one of my guides during meditation. He identified himself as Chui, even showing me the spelling of his name. He told me that I need to work on self-love. I have learned to always trust spirit, but I still needed some sort of proof, so I looked up the name Chui on Google. I was stunned at what I found. I found an Oracle card deck written by Janet Chui named Self Love Oracle! Of course. Told you - always trust Spirit! They will give you proof of their existence.

Back to this particular morning. I had received a guided meditation in my email titled Self-love. It felt divinely inspired after my experience, so I decided to break my rule and listen to it. As I got it cued up to play, I remembered the rose I had asked for the morning before. I never received it. I picked up my journal and noted that I had not received the rose. I was so disappointed. Without proof, it was evident the whole visit was my imagination. In reflection I thought it was still a lovely message even if I had imagined it. I closed my journal and went back to my meditation. I hit play and closed my eyes. The meditation started with a small bit of relaxing music. Then the speaker said. “Close your eyes and imagine the most beautiful rose floating over your head.” I opened my eyes in shock. I got my rose! It really was her.


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