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A Mother's Tender Heart



I had gone to bed for the evening and started to pray my rosary. I was praying for my son who had just returned to college.  As my worry built, I began to cray.  I felt her come in and saw her lean towards me like she was offering me a hug.


“The tenderness of a mother’s heart – so special, so fragile. Like glass that can be easily shattered. This is how I love my children. Do you fear bad things will happen to your children? Do you worry for their safety? Do you pray that that they will be alright?  Yes, I hear your prayers tonight.  I do the same.  I worry about all my children for so many different reasons, hunger, safety, lack of love, fear, homelessness, hearts that are hardened by anger or fear.  I too pray for you all.  Pray to ask, meditate to hear.  Isn’t this what you say dear one?  Yes, it is important to do both, and then share with others. 


“I know you look for peace, as do many.  But many do not have the tools you do.  Yours is a life of service, this will not change.  But again, I ask you to spread my message. You have been given the gift of hope in the depths of despair.  As a child and even now.  You didn’t always have the same tools, but you did have faith.  Faith in a higher power, faith in a higher purpose.  Share this now. You have always known. I hear your thought, ‘Why me? I am not special’. I say you are! EVERONE is special.  Do you see dear child? You all have your gifts.  Your heart is yours.  You can help many people.  But first you must believe.  Everyone must understand. You are never alone.  NEVER.  We stand with you always, loving you, guiding you.  But we cannot interfere for change, only you my children can do that.  Heed my call today.  Change will come.  But what kind of change will be up to you.  Lead in love and be the example. 


“Remember, a mother’s tender heart can easily be broken, but love heals all wounds, and you are so dearly loved.  Yes child, a rose, as always.  I saw her fade away and throw a rose at my feet.



A went on a shopping trip with my daughter to one of my favorite stores.  As I was looking through a rack of tops, one caught my attention.  I moved the clothes away that were tightly packed in front of it.  I was amazed when I saw a black lace top covered in roses. It was the only one there.  I thought it was beautiful, and the perfect sign that again, our conversation was real. 



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