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The Counsil of Angels



On this morning, I was meditating when I felt her draw near. 

“I am here with you.  You have been so sad and frustrated. Do not worry, we understand human emotions.”  The word “we surprised me.  If felt like her.  I saw her.  But the energy was changing. 


Suddenly there was the brightest light before me.  It was so bright I wanted to squint, even with my eyes closed.  I could make out maybe 6 beings with one standing in front of them. Their light was so bright they blended together. “You have noticed this message is different.  We are the Council of Angels.  You know the threat of war is on the horizon.  The time for action is now – we will guide your steps and put opportunities in front of you.  Talk to your clients.  Talk to everyone you can.  Live it.  She has told you to be the love and it spread to others.  Do not be sad with this task – there is no failure.  You may not be able to change what is written in the stars, but you can help many move through it easier.  You have received a taste of what it feels like when people don’t believe.  Move on.  You have planted a seed and that is all we can expect.  We need you to meditate often so we will be able to communicate with you.  We will give you messages to share.” 


The being that is standing in front is the one who spoke.  The voice was almost monotone.  It spoke in one voice that echoed with the voice of many. A combined voice of the group – The Council of Angels.


Mary was back.  She was in front of me holding my hands.  “Do not be afraid child.  They will bring you guidance and tasks that I cannot.  Know I am not leaving you.  I will always be here to support you. Like a mother. “


I felt surrounded by great love as the Council appeared again.  “You will be working with others.  The task will be clear.  Do not miss small opportunities.  You (here they are referring to many, not just me) have been selected for a most important task because of your capacity to love.  Use that gift.”


I asked them to give me proof this was real.  I asked them to decide what the proof will be.  They responded, “a white feather in the most unusual of places – not on TV.”


Once again, I saw Mary with me. “All will be well.  You are loved and supported.  Remember the love.”  She fades as if being pulled back with the Counsil whose light begins to fade.  Suddenly I noticed a weird smell.  It was the odor of a wet dog.  How unusual as I was in my room with the door closed and my dogs were downstairs on the opposite side of the house.  I think that perhaps my intuition is telling me I need to put them outside. 


Proof comes in the most unusual of places.



It was a rainy day.  As I opened the back door to let my dogs out, I noticed a small white feather on the outside mat.  The mat was wet and dirty, but the feather was pure white.  I remembered I smelled wet dog at the end of my visit with the Counsil.  I yelled for my husband, “I got the proof!!  It WAS real!!”


My friend Matilde texted me at 3:15 am. Her text read, “We are on a bus to Strassburg, France.  Not sure what kind of a feather that is below the television screen.”  She included a picture of the inside of the bus.  At the front of the bus there was a TV.  Hanging from the back of the TV was a large white feather.  It couldn’t have been more random, and I was shocked.  I remembered the words of the Counsil, “a white feather in the most unusual of places – not on TV.” I laughed as this feather was not on TV, it was hanging from the back of one.  I yelled for my husband, “I got more proof!!”


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