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Simple Miracles


I had been dealing with chronic sciatica pain for about 6 months. Being a Reiki practitioner, I understand how chronic pain is usually tied to emotions. I thought mine could be related to unresolved anger towards my father and talk therapy might be a good addition to my Reiki practice. I really didn’t want to start with a new therapist because starting at the beginning with my childhood experiences is exhausting. I was hoping to get an appointment with a therapist that my brother and sister work with. This therapist, however, was in a different state than me, so he had to see if his license would allow it. It was a long shot at best, and I was anxiously awaiting an answer. My pain was now interfering with daily life, and I couldn’t go out alone in fear that my leg would give out and I would fall.

Mediation helped the pain, so I sat quietly and cleared my mind. I felt her draw near.

“My dear, I am always here. You are so faithful, yet so full of doubts. Two sides to a coin you are. Yang and Yang - that is you. That is what makes you special.

You do not need to be perfect to be worthy. You exist, so you are worthy. worthy of love, both human and Devine. Worthy of friends, happiness, health, and joy.

There is so much joy if people would just open their eyes to it. See the small things as great gifts. A raindrop falling from the sky, the colors in a rainbow or sunset, a flower blooming, even a storm moving through. These are all miracles. Yet many eyes are closed to them. Do you not see that even disasters are miracles? They are an opportunity to bring humanity together. What a miracle that would be.

Again, I implore you, lead with love. Find the miracle in every day. And yes, dear one, even pain is a miracle. It tethers you to your miraculous body and provides a learning ground for healing on all levels. Love and learn. Know you are loved and NEVER alone.

Proof? Never doubt.

I was jolted back by a text notification on my phone. I opened the notification and saw it was from my bother. “From my therapist….’Ok, we are good to go depending on her plan. I’ll be on vacation so have her reach out to me after March 1st.’ ”

I was so excited, there was my miracle. Thank you Mother.


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