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The Window of Time Grows Smaller


I was lying in bed when I felt her draw near. I grabbed my notebook and pen, moved to my chair, and tried to quiet my mind.

“Dear one, I am here. You did not resist me this time, that is good. Perhaps you are becoming more comfortable with our visits, or I just caught you on a good day,” she laughed and said, “No matter.”

She was quiet. Maybe my mind is too cluttered to hear her, I thought. I opened my eyes and looked at my notebook. “I need to write straighter so I can read it later.”

She spoke. “You are distracted. Don’t worry about your notes. You will be able to decipher them later. I will be there to help you. The time is drawing near.” She showed me visions of bombs, explosions, fire. It frightened me. She continued, “It still may be unavoidable. You have reached many, but now we need more. You will draw the attention of someone. Listen. Pay attention. You have free will, as does all of mankind. The opportunity will be there, but it will be your choice. The time is near. “

I asked her if she could show proof of her existence that many people could see. My mind was jumbled with words and I could not clearly decipher her from my own thoughts. Why??

“Difficulty of communication is normal and is the problem. You try to listen with your ears and mind. No, listen with your heart. And not just to me. Teach others to listen to each other with their hearts. Make that connection. Anger comes from fear – you ‘hear’ that with your heart. With your ears you hear the anger and you in turn will feel anger, even hate. But listen with your heart and you will become aware of what lies at the root. Fear. Fear of loss of control, fear of not being important, fear of becoming irrelevant. These are emotions that exist in a void of love. By showing love and compassion, even to those you would never think too, is how you will see the change. Make the change you want to see. It seems overwhelming I know. The destruction of your planet, the ill health of the general public, the wars, and the concern of a world war. But by showing love and compassion to the littlest of man, it will reach the powerful ones. This flow of love, of change, must come from the bottom up, not the top down. The world leaders will not make things better, they will destroy and tear everything apart. They will dismantle order and peace, along with the planet. It must start with the ordinary man. Where there is love, there is no fear, and no hate.

“Do you see the freedom that comes with honest self expression? It is self love. Show that and teach that. The young ones know, amplify their voice. See love in the darkest souls. Shine the light , and spread it. Do you understand?

"Remember, someone will come to help you – do not miss them. It is time to act now. The window of time grows smaller. Love can win. There is still a chance.

“A rose, of course. Be in peace dear one; do not fret. I will be here to help you, to help all of my children. Continue to write.”

Four days later I opened Face Book and saw that I had a new like on my Mother Mary’s Messages page. The picture was of a lady with a background that was a nice outside area. It looked like there was also a rose in her background. I took a screenshot so I could zoom in on the picture.

It indeed was a rose, but it didn’t match the background of the picture. It looked like a large cartoon rose sticking out from behind her head. I searched her name in my followers, but she did not come up. I did a Face Book search for her and still nothing. I texted my sister and asked her to search…. nothing.

I looked at the screenshot again and gasped. I had not made the connection while I was searching for her. I texted my sister, “OMG! I just realized!! Her name is MARIA!! I have the chills!!!” My sister responded with, “OMGGGG!”

If this picture is from your Face Book account, please message me! I would love to talk to you.


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